Welcome to The Forward LabThe platform
for mindful humans

The Story

Launched in the fall of 2019, The Forward Lab went live with its first sustainable fashion project: a collaborative capsule fuelled by endless (reusable) cups of coffee and a new-found love of pineapple leather. Just like the fruit, we’ve been growing ever since. What started out as a refined space for brands, consumers and contributors to explore greener ways of doing things has evolved into a global platform for mindful humans. Alongside conscious design partnerships and a vetted fashion, beauty and home shop, our bustling editorial pages cover all aspects of a modern sustainable lifestyle – from luxury eco travel destinations to recipes that eliminate food waste. We’re not without flaws, but strong ethical and eco values are always behind our unwavering focus on beautiful aesthetics. Our virtual lab is a place to explore ways to pioneer and embrace positive change: sustainable living at its best!

The founder

When Joy Asfar broke her ankle and found herself immobilised for six months, she took it as life’s funny way of sending her a sign. Quitting her job, she used the downtime to further research her flourishing interest in sustainability and create the conscious website she couldn’t find – one that perfectly matched her tastes in terms of fashion, style and design. Today, The Forward Lab continues to be influenced by her Lebanese roots, a background in working with emerging artists and years spent living in Paris, Barcelona and London.

What matters to us

Good news: you don’t have to be perfect to live more sustainably. Our platform exists to champion meaningful steps and positive actions.
However, we do have some house rules when it comes to creating a more conscious shopping space.

It’s our belief that all brands should trade ethically and fairly while making responsible decisions around environmental care and minimising waste. This means we won’t dish out brownie points for these requirements alone. Instead, our curated edit will shine a light on the forces for good who’re going the extra mile to create real change.

Every brand will have passed our three minimum requirements and its products will meet at least one of these key attributes: Considered Materials, Vegan, Heritage & Craft, Social Change, Climate Positive, Considered Design and Better Businesses.

We are part of 1%
for the planet

We’re really proud to share that we’ve joined 1% For The Planet as a contributing company. 1% For The Planet is a global movement co-created in 2002 by two businessmen who, through a shared love of the outdoors, realised their responsibility to protect our incredible planet. By joining forces, we hope to help create a better, more sustainable future and have committed to donating 1% of The Forward Lab’s sales to 1% For The Planet each year. 1% For The Planet gives us a credible way to make an impact by supporting non-profits who are tackling environmental problems. We’re not perfect, but we’re working to improve the world around us and inspire others to do the same.