With an eye for understated sophistication and attention to detail, Amine wants to empower both genders to wear his clothing.

Boyfriend's - Conscious collaborations | The Forward Lab

Amine Jreissati is a Lebanese creative director, stylist and designer who launched, BOYFRIEND, his genderless fashion brand in 2017. Joy, our founder, sat down with Amine to ask him questions about his brand, inspirations and his conscious collaboration with The Forward Lab

Could you tell us about Boyfriend in a couple of words?

Boyfriend is a minimal, subliminal, and gender invisible brand. It focuses on basics that you find in both men and women closets. Items that you can style in many different ways. Its like a styling course!

Why did you choose to create a unisex brand?

Because urban wear, clean cuts, comfort and basics, have no gender.

Where do you look for inspiration?

I am constantly hunting for inspiration. Be it on the street, in art, in architecture, a picture inspires me, a song, beauty, ugliness. Every new day is a new page for inspiration.

What trends do you want to see disappear in the future?

Trends are here to push consumption. And i’ve never been a “trendy person” myself. I don’t follow fashion depending on a certain trend. So the less trends the better. And let’s start by having our own style instead of trying to be trendy by following trends that don’t suit us.

In your opinion, what is the main role sustainable fashion is playing in the industry?

It plays a very important role in “how fashion is evolving”.
Sustainable fashion is giving the consumer and the industry, a different approach and a necessary awareness on being more environmentally friendly and taking part in the change the world needs now.

How do you imagine the fashion industry in 20 years?

Seasonless & trend-free

The Forward Lab approached you to work on a collaboration, how did you feel about it?

I was very happy by the approach and extremely excited for Boyfriend to step into the world of sustainability for the first time along side a great platform like The Forward Lab. We worked very closely every step of the process. From brainstorming to details to development to production.

Do you believe this could become a sustainable collaboration over time?

I very much hope so!


To know more about Boyfriend, head to the brand’s brand new website.