Amass, the restaurant by Head Chef & Owner, Matthew Orlando opened its doors in Copenhagen in 2013 and has been strongly focusing on cooking more sustainably and responsibly since the beginning, hoping to lay a path for their industry.

Amass serves contemporary cuisine sourced from local farms and regional purveyors as well as the 600 square meter garden situated directly in front of the dining room’s restaurant.

Between 90 to 100% of the food and beverages are organic and the restautant had a gold organic certification from the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark. And on top of this, 95% of the products used are from Danish farmers or suppliers and all our meat comes from farms or butchers who prioritise ethical animal husbandry.

Below some of the practices implemented at Amass:

  • Food: they use all parts of all ingredients turning what we usually call waste such as skins, seeds, stems intro dried seasonings, misos, crisps and more.
  • Compost: whatever waste they cannot use in cooking, along with cardboard, becomes compost for their garden.
  • Biofuel: anything that can’t be used in compost including frying oil and fats goes to Daka ecoMotion.
  • Recycling: Amass only works with suppliers who take back all paper, plastic packaging.
  • Water: they manage to save 90 litres of water per day that would otherwise go down the drain by collecting partially full water bottles from the dining room and water used in various processes in the kitchen, boiling it and using it to wash the floors or water the garden.
  • Fish & meat:
    • They only source fish caught using responsible fishing methods – line caught, gill or seine nets and they do not used any farmed fish.
    • Their meat come from farms or butchers who prioritise ethical animal husbandry.