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Lea Marcq founded The Alleah in 2016 and is on a mission to make sustainable fashion accessible to everyone. Discover through her online magazine responsible & ethical fashion, beauty and a conscious lifestyle.

‘Sustainable fashion’ — what does it mean to you?
It means to entirely rethink the industry. Not only in an environmental point of you view, but also in the way we are partnering and collaborating with others, at every step of the chain. 

What item of your wardrobe do you wear the most?
I mostly spend my life in a pair of jeans, from winter to summer. It is the base and the glue to every look. So I balance between 3 pairs of those !

Key to an elegant look?
Elegance is more about an attitude and a state of mind, but if we have to put a look on it, it will be a timeless blazer or a high pair of heels for a fine and delicate appearance.

One advice to be more environmentally conscious?
To be more environmentally conscious, you have to live in the present and think twice when making an action. From throwing something to the bin to buying a new pair of socks, being conscious often demands to go behind a simple move and think about what it will generate. 

One recent change you made to be more environmentally conscious?
I’ve invested in a heating pad to avoid to turn the heater on. I also try to reduce my plastic consumption which is not easy when you run around the city all the time and have a little time to have lunch or to cook at home. I’d like to see more plastic free and on the go alternative to buy food in Paris.

Give us one element of your bucket list?
It is more a resolution : spending more quality times with others and myself this year.

Your idea of happiness?
When your life choices align with your values

If you could pick a super-power…
Eradicate bad emotions or the ability to turn invisible 

Best advice you’ve been given?
More a question that resonates in me very often “What would you do if you were alone?”

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