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David Raffoul met his design partner Nicolas Moussalem while studying at ALBA in Beirut. In 2011, they decided to launch their design studio David/Nicolas.

Their innovative approach to contrasting materials, along with their unique way of blending retro, contemporary, and futuristic elements gives their work a timeless aesthetic that translate to a wide-range of projects, from furniture design to high-end bespoke interiors.

‘Sustainable fashion’ – what does it mean to you?
To buy a piece that I will keep for a long time, many years. I believe timeless pieces are sustainable.

What item of your wardrobe do you wear the most?
My black t-shirts

Key to an elegant look?
Good proportion and composition. Simplicity with a touch of funkiness!

One advice to be more environmentally conscious?
Buy consciously following your needs.

One recent change you made to be more environmentally conscious?
I am much more aware of materials and quality of the piece I am buying.

Give us one element of your bucket list?
I still never thought of a bucket list. Maybe I should!

Your idea of happiness?

If you could pick a super-power…

Best advice you’ve been given?
Go out of your comfort zone!

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